Braless Florence Pugh Looks Sexy in a Fashion Shoot (95 New Photos)

During the recent photoshoot for Valentino’s new campaign, English actress Florence Pugh exudes beauty and style in a variety of colorful dresses while posing in the cozy neighborhood of Rione Monti and on a terrace overlooking Piazza Venezia in Rome, Italy.

(@florencepugh) Instagram photos and videos

Recently, behind-the-scenes photos were released of Pugh filming for Valentino in Rome, causing a sensation as she poses in revealing outfits that showcase her natural beauty and bold fashion choices. Pugh effortlessly combines grace and ease, making her the perfect model to showcase the new Valentino collection.

While some admire Pugh’s courage and frankness in the topless photos, others criticize her outfit and small chest. Regardless, the photoshoot for Valentino proves that Pugh is a talented actress and model who can easily transform and continue to surprise her fans.

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