Hailey Marie Sexy (14 Photos)

TikTok star Hailey Marie has been hatin’ on her small titties for as long as she can remember. But in February 2021, she got smart and created a TikTok account to gain popularity and score some potential sponsors.

In her vids, she’d rock a bikini and complain to her followers about her tiny tats. She made sure to mention that she hits the gym every damn day, which makes her muscles grow, but her boobs look even smaller. So Hailey straight-up asked her fans to cough up some cash to help her get surgery.

“All I need is 10,000 people to drop a dollar for me,” she said. And guess what? She did it! In just two months, Hailey raised enough cash to get the boob job she’d been dreamin’ of. And after the surgery, she showed off her new and improved titties, which had grown three whole sizes. Now that’s dedication!

(@haileeymaariee) Instagram photos and videos

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