How Much Do Amateur OnlyFans Stars Earn?

Some interesting stories of amateur pornstars earning on OnlyFans, Twitch and other online platforms, streaming and subscription services – how much stars earn from selling their content and what unusual monetization ideas they sometimes come up with. You will find even more interesting stories from the world of sex and porn in the Sex Video Blog – Also on the site there is a huge collection of free porn videos of naked amateur stars from OnlyFans, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. Watch with pleasure! – One of the most popular Twitch streamers Amouranth (5.6 million subscribers on Twitch, 2.5 million on Twitter and 840,000 on YouTube) shared her earnings from the site on her Twitter: $ 27 million in net profit. And in total, she was donated $ 33 million.

Recently, she was offered to star in a porn series of 5 episodes of 10 minutes for $10 million. And last year, she was involved in the Twitch scandal when the site sanctioned her because of the content in the pool. – Brazilian professional volleyball player Key Alves shared an interesting fact: she earns 50 times more on OnlyFans than in sports. Alves charges her subscribers $14 a month, and the American Post reports that she has been able to earn over $500,000. The influencer and athlete currently has 2.3 million followers on Instagram alone, making her the most followed female volleyball player in the world. – Webcam model and OnlyFans star Nova Jewels reveals how she made a fortune out of insulting men. The girl, who scolds clients at their request, said that she earns 3-4 thousand pounds a month.

“Men really spend a fortune to be literally blown to smithereens,” she explained. At the same time, the heroine of the material noted that at the initial stage of her career she was afraid to cross the line during such sessions. However, according to the model, the “customers” assured her that they liked everything. “They are easier to humiliate if they are annoying, unpleasant, annoying people, but it can be difficult when a nice person comes across,” the girl shared her observations. – The author of the Cursed Telegram Channel and the OnlyFans model shared the results of her work in January. In a month, she managed to earn $101,191, in December – $80,000 and in November – $73,000. – Streamer Amouranth wants to release a water-flavored energy drink from the pool she streams in. With such a proposal, she jokingly turned to the manufacturer of the popular American drink “Juvee”.

Prior to this, the streamer sold a limited series of farts in cans and water from the bathtub in which streams take place. In addition to her, there are other bloggers who sell their life products for a lot of money. For example, Stephanie Matto, who sold the sweat from under her breasts and farts in cans, because of which she later ended up in the hospital with intestinal problems. – Rebecca Blue from North Carolina sells her waste products and earns thousands of dollars from it. Among the goods that she offers to buy for those who wish, a used contraceptive coil, shaved hair, trimmed nails and much more. For one item from her personal waste, the girl asks from $98 to $356. According to Blue, the top three most “popular” items are used socks, underwear and tights. “I charge more for unique and weird requests like tongue scrapings, bath water and earwax cotton swabs,” she explained.

According to the American, she plans to spend the proceeds on an animal shelter. – French girl makes life decisions with the help of her OnlyFans followers. Twice a week, she publishes a questionnaire on her page and does exactly as her subscribers decide. She has already flown in a helicopter, left her boyfriend, left her internship, and so on. Lori was pleased with her decision – voting helps her fight her insecurities and fears, as well as do things that she herself would never have dared to do. A subscription to her content costs $20 a month, but Laurie does not disclose how much money she has made on the platform. However, the model decided to donate 25 percent of her income from the site to help fight loneliness and bullying in schools. Laurie is not the first to monetize OnlyFans in this way – many Twitter, Telegram and Instagram users are doing the same. People like to be involved in managing someone else’s life.

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