Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Pack the PDA in the French Sunshine on Their Family Holiday in St Tropez (78 Photos)

Peep this! American singer-songwriter Katy Perry and her fiancé, the English actor Orlando Bloom, along with their daughter Daisy Dove Bloom and Orlando’s son Flynn, straight-up livin’ it up on their sun-soaked French vacay in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Côte d’Azur, 07/18/2023.

(@katyperry) Instagram photos and videos

The couple hit up the pebble beach, gettin’ their tan on under that scorchin’ French sun. They ain’t afraid to get wet either, takin’ a dip in the water and gettin’ in on some water sports action, paddlin’ through them calm sea waters.

And yo, Katy and Orlando couldn’t help but show a little PDA, stealin’ a kiss in the sea. Katy, rockin’ a blue striped swimsuit, lettin’ everyone know she’s lookin’ fine as hell.

After all that fun, the couple hopped back on their yacht. Orlando, showin’ off his ripped bod, went shirtless and took a few dives in the sea. It’s clear that this loved-up pair is havin’ the time of their lives on this family vacay.

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