Luciane Buchanan Sexy (5 Photos)

Check out Luciane Buchanan’s sexy portrait photos and screenshots from “Filthy Rich”.

Luciane Buchanan (born July 18, 1993) is a talented actress straight outta New Zealand. This girl’s got skills, no doubt. She’s been makin’ waves with her captivating performances in various roles.

She’s got everyone hooked with her lead role in the thrilling Netflix series “The Night Agent” (2023), based on Matthew Quirk’s gripping novel. But that’s not all, she’s shown her versatility by playin’ Tripitaka (Tang Sanzang) in “The New Legends of Monkey,” rockin’ the character of Kennedy Truebridge in “Filthy Rich,” and bringin’ Cherie, Billy T’s daughter, to life in “Billy.”

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